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Bécancour Denim Jacket

Bécancour Denim Jacket

SKU: BDJ3746286328

An organically crafted denim jacket in midnight black equipped with turn-up collars, and buttons (front, cuffs, chest). Featuring dropped shoulders, long sleeves chest pockets with flaps, welt side pockets, and an adjustable tab at sides of the hem. 

  • Details:

    - Designed in Canada

    - Turn-Down Collars

    - Buttons (front, cuffs, chest pockets)

    - Long Length

    - Comfortable-Fit

    - Long-sleeved

    - Convenient large pocket locations

    - 100% Organic Components

    - Midnight Black Colour

    - Straight-Cut Hem 

    - Stylish Look

Colour: Black
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