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About Us:
P15CES History

Choose Sustainable. Change the World. 

In July 2020, a 15-year-old Canadian had the idea of creating an apparel brand with the goal of contributing to a more sustainable future. When planning, this individual discovered that sustainable clothing was, for the most part, unaffordable to the average Canadian. As a solution to this challenge, P15CES was launched on December 1st, 2020. Since then, the main purpose of P15CES has been to provide consumers worldwide with sustainable clothing, at an affordable price. Every day, new products are  designed to increase the variety of sustainable clothing P15CES has to offer to the world. 


Our Story

Estabished on December 1st 2020, P15CES isn't just another pointless fashion startup. Based in Toronto, Canada; P15CES is a brand with a primary focus of providing the world with sustainable and trendy clothing, to contribute to a better future. 

Currently run by a 17-year old, P15CES was founded on the basis of this individual starting this brand at 15, born as a pisces on the zodiac. With high-quality & sustainable textiles sourced from around the world in countries such as Belgium, Italy, and Portugal; P15CES products are priced as low as possible, with affordability being one of our top priorities. 


CLICK HERE to learn more about what P15CES is doing to contribute to a more sustainable future. 



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